148,000 laborers distinguishing pieces of proof don’t coordinate with Ghana Card biometric IDs – Bawumia

VP Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has said a surprising 148,000 government laborers on the finance of the Controller and Accountant Generals Department have been found to have recognizable pieces of proof which don’t match any biometric ID at the National Identification Authority.


148,000 laborers distinguishing pieces of proof don't coordinate with Ghana Card biometric IDs - Bawumia148,000 laborers distinguishing pieces of proof don’t coordinate with Ghana Card biometric IDs – Bawumia


As shown by him, the improvement was found after a biometric survey by the Controller and Accountant General Department.

Watching out for the 2022 Internal Audit Agency Conference in Accra on Tuesday, August 16, Dr. Bawumia in like manner revealed the Controller General’s biometric survey furthermore found 533 experts on government finance with various characters.

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The Vice President, who was chatting on the Conference’s subject “Mixing Fiscal Discipline in Resource Mobilization and Utilization for Sustainable Development,” said, as a part of government’s central goal to achieve money related association, many advances have been taken, recollecting additionally created pay readiness and really looking at wastages for the public region by using digitisation.

The undertakings, Dr. Bawumia uncovered, consolidate a careful fight against character blackmail and corruption in the public region through the overwhelming character structure the public authority is working with the Ghana card and the digitisation of citizen upheld associations.

“A basic point of convergence of the 2022 monetary arrangement is money related blend to further develop commitment and monetary practicality as we execute our monetary revitalisation and change program to better the presences of Ghanaians,” Dr. Bawumia said.

“Over the span of late years, our strategy has been to set in measures to build areas of strength for a point for local planning, cost saving and fighting degradation through electronic change. In addition, broad progress has been made.”

“An action just completed last week by the Controller and Accountant General Department shows that 533 people on the CAD have various characters in the CAGD informational index,” Dr. Bawumia revealed.

“In all examples of different characters, the specialists have more than one CAGS account with different carries on numbers. Some have three specialist numbers.”

“There are in like manner 148,060 agents out of 601,948 with biometrics that didn’t match anyone on the National Identification register (I.e. no Ghanacard).”

“We will truly take a gander at the SSNIT informational index to check whether their biometrics can be facilitated. It is furthermore possible that a part of those with matching biometrics may moreover have different specialist accounts.”

The astonishing exposures by the VP follow news that a new biometric survey by the National Service Scheme (NSS) found around 14,000 ghost names on its money, which saved the scene about GHC 112m yearly.

VP Bawumia, who was not happy with the level of setbacks as a result of contamination, charged the different summoning associations to begin the patterns of prosecuting individuals drew in with such violations.

Besides, through the public power’s digitisation drive and the execution of a public person structure, SSNIT similarly detailed critical save assets of up $126 million since it won’t ever from now on print SSNIT ID cards for its assigned 10 million people following the gathering of the Ghana card as SSNIT numbers.


Ghana Card148,000 laborers distinguishing pieces of proof don’t coordinate with Ghana Card biometric IDs – Bawumia
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