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Why cops went head to head openly

Why cops went head to head openly

The public go head to head between a lesser cops and his boss in the Ashanti locale has set off an interior disciplinary cycle by the Ghana Police Service to address the misconception which brought about warmed verbal trades.



The occurrence, the Police said in a proclamation, happened on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, on the Atwima-Foase street.

The misconception, caught in a viral video accessible to GhanaWeb, was between Corporal Boakye, an official with the Formed Police Unit, FPU, and Supt. Albert Quansah, the Atwima-Foase District Commander.

However, what truly occurred?

Sources say, on the said Wednesday morning, the District Commander was driving between the Yabi and Dida stretch of the Atwima Foase street when he saw Corporal Boakye and a few individuals from the FPU directing traffic checks.

He halted and encouraged his associates to move from the stopping point where they were directing the checks to keep away from mishaps, yet these officials overlooked him.

The Commander drove off to the District Headquarters and returned minutes after the fact in the authority police vehicle along with the Station Officer and two different officials.

The District Commander, Supt. Quansah, then, at that point, requested that Corporal Boakye get into the police vehicle, however he [Corporal Boakye] declined.

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After a few verbal trades caught in the viral video, the District Commander asked the official for his personality and different qualifications; then, at that point, he countered he was Corporal Boakye, and he ‘requested’ the Commander to “meet him” at the FPU.

The following is the trades between the two officials:

Area Commander: I say, get locally available!!

Corporal Boakye: Don’t stress.

Area Commander: Give me your number.

Corporal Boakye: My number, don’t you..ah, this is my name? I’m from FPU.

Area Commander: Your administration number?

Corporal Boakye: Meet me at FPU.

Area Commander: I ought to meet you at FPU?

Corporal Boakye: Meet me there. You are not the person who brought me here.

In a Joy News reportage located Online the FPU faculty later conveyed a help message to the Commander of the FPU, Supt. Kingsley K. Kawudie, saying:

“The senior official got to their designated spots and requested every one of the vehicles to move and go on the grounds that they are not cops; they’re outfitted looters. From that point forward, the official proceeded to bring his men that they ought to incapacitate the corporal who was locked in with him, and his men neglected to do as such, so he, at the end of the day, went after the lesser official and tore his regalia.”

In the meantime, the Ghana Police Service, in a proclamation endorsed by Grace Ansah-Akrofi, Chief Supt. of Police, Director, Public Affairs, said:

Why cops went head to head openlyWhy cops went head to head openly


“The Police have observed a viral video in which some Police Officers are seen trading words, and we wish to express that this episode happened on the morning of July 20 2022 and examinations started into it that very day.

“We might want to guarantee the public that the due inner disciplinary course of the assistance is being applied in managing the matter.”


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