Check Out The List Of Highest Paying Countries For Doctors

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To list the highest-paying countries for doctors, we identified the countries with the highest demand or shortages for doctors and then made a list of 28 countries with the average salaries for physicians. Of those 28, the 20 with the highest average salaries were selected and have been ranked.

We acquired the data for average physicians’ salaries for each country from ERI Economic Research Institute. The list is presented in ascending order.

Check Out The List Of Highest Paying Countries For Doctors

Here is a list of the highest-paying countries for doctors.

  1. Sweden

Average Salary: $122,110

While Sweden is one of the highest paying countries for doctors, its healthcare budget for 2024 falls short of addressing the sector’s needs, with €550 million ($583 million) added to address €2 billion ($2.12 billion) deficits across regions.

  1. Italy

Average Salary: $142,067

Italy is facing severe healthcare staffing shortages and has thus signed a three-year deal to bring nearly 500 doctors from Cuba to the southern region of Calabria. Italy has historically had a low percentage of foreign-trained doctors than other developed countries.

  1. Japan

Average Salary: $145,982

According to a survey, with responses from 19,879 doctors at 5,424 hospitals, about 20% of doctors in Japan work over 960 hours of overtime per year, which exceeds the 80-hour-per-month threshold for being at risk of death from overwork. It is worth mentioning that Japan is one of the most egalitarian countries in the world.

  1. France

Average Salary: $147,747

In 2020, France faced a shortage of doctors, having only 33 doctors for every 10,000 people due to the limited number of medical school slots available. France is one of the countries with the highest salaries for doctors.

  1. Singapore

Average Salary: $148,617

To become a doctor in Singapore, one must earn an MBBS degree. After that, the individual can choose between a specialist or non-specialist track. Following this, they will undergo house and medical officer training, enter a residency program, and may consider pursuing advanced specialty training in their chosen field.

  1. Germany

Average Salary: $160,513

While Germany is one of the highest paying countries for doctors, thousands of physicians in Germany staged a nationwide strike in May 2023, demanding a 2.5% pay increase and retroactive compensation for high inflation. The strike was organized by Marburger Bund, representing nearly 60,000 doctors at municipal hospitals.

  1. United Kingdom

Average Salary: $160,575

The UK maintains high medical standards with rigorous regulation by the General Medical Council. Two famous British doctors are Dr. Jane Elizabeth Dacre, a renowned rheumatologist and medical scholar known for her contributions to musculoskeletal diseases, and Dr. Ara Darzi, an academic surgeon and pioneer in minimally invasive surgery.


Average Salary: 163,727

The Netherlands has seen a 50% increase in general practitioners (GPs) over the past 10 years, with approximately 15,000 GPs in 2023. However, despite this growth, many Dutch GP surgeries have stopped accepting new patients due to high demand. The Netherlands is also one of the highest-paying countries for psychologists.


Average Salary: $169,708

Norway’s healthcare is funded by taxes and offers universal coverage. General practitioners and specialists have different practice structures, with GPs primarily serving patients on a list. To practice in Norway, you must pass language and medical proficiency tests, followed by a course on Norwegian health services. Norway is one of the highest paying countries for nurses.


Average Salary: $171,895

A survey by SPF Public Health reveals over 50% of GPs in Belgium are aged 55 or older, and 8% plan to retire soon, with Brussels having the highest rate of retiring GPs at 11%. Belgium faces a shortage of GPs and attempts to address the issue with measures like the New Deal for GPs. It is one of the best countries for doctors.


Average Salary: $175,088

Nearly 20% of GP training places in Northern Ireland still need to be fulfilled as the new academic year approaches. The Department of Health funded 121 places, but only 99 junior doctors were accepted. The British Medical Association expressed concern about the future of general practice. The doctor shortage could worsen as older GPs retire. It is one of the highest-paying countries for doctors in 2023.


Average Salary: $182,619

Canada faces a severe shortage of doctors, with several million citizens needing a family physician or regular health clinic access. A study projected a shortage of 30,000 family doctors by the decade’s end. To address this, Canada needs a surplus of doctors by increasing medical school graduates and residency positions and welcoming foreign-trained physicians.

New Zealand

Average Salary: $186,569

New Zealand needs more doctors due to underinvestment in healthcare infrastructure and medical professionals. The country heavily relies on foreign-trained doctors, with 42% of the workforce being international medical graduates (IMGs).

United Arab Emirates

Average Salary: $190,730

To apply for a doctor’s job in the UAE, you must meet specific qualifications based on a tiered system that depends on your training and origin. Top-tier applicants hold qualifications like CCT, CCST, or American/Canadian Board Registration, making them eligible for immediate licensing. While GMC specialist registration and some UK Fellowships are counted in tier 1, priority is typically given to those with qualifications listed at the top tier.


Average Salary: $193,627

Denmark has an exceptional healthcare model where GPs receive huge financial rewards and enjoy the utmost respect. The success of Denmark’s healthcare system is attributed to the financial remuneration of GPs, single patient identifier numbers for comprehensive patient management, and structured funding contracts with the government. It is one of the highest-paying countries for doctors in Europe.

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