A Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrency: How to Buy Bitcoin


The fact that the internet is filled with frequently inconclusive, challenging-to-verify material is not helpful. Dan Herron reported that he received “10 million sources and no authority” each time he searched for “how to invest in Bitcoin.”

The San Luis Obispo, California-based financial advisor at Elemental Wealth Advisors was concerned about this. He had been following the cryptocurrency’s price climb and wanted to understand more about it for his youthful consumers. He left a two-day Bitcoin conference with more questions than answers and the impression that the environment surrounding the currency could be a bit too “bro-tastic.”

He afterwards discovered Coinbase Inc. In many nations, buying Bitcoin for private investors is increasingly done through the largest and most popular digital currency exchange in the US and the UK.

In April 2021, the bourse opened to the public.

The direct listing of Coinbase was viewed as evidence that cryptocurrency has entered the mainstream of investing. Since it would be publicly traded, it would be subject to the same heavy regulatory and reporting scrutiny as other traditional major corporations.

Since then, both the price of Bitcoin and the share of Coinbase have decreased. It’s not the only option either. Kraken, Bittrex, and Binance, the largest spot cryptocurrency exchange in the world based on trading volume, are further significant exchanges.

The case for investing in bitcoin for the long term

Herron is one of those who see Bitcoin as a component of a larger investment plan, especially for younger investors with a time horizon of 25 to 30 years and a preference for digital banking.

He wouldn’t advise somebody to immediately invest their emergency funds in cryptocurrencies. However, he acknowledges that it is a component of a larger combination that “could juice your returns a little bit.”

“If you have the ability to maybe put 5% of your portfolio in there, and just let it climb and see what happens,” he suggested, “you might consider it.”

The term “digital gold” is sometimes used to describe Bitcoin. Numerous supporters contend that the Bitcoin is a reliable hedge against inflation, which has recently been on the rise. They argue that because Bitcoin is intended to have a finite quantity, an excessive distribution by a government or central bank cannot lead it to lose value.

Even more recently, academics have questioned the usefulness of Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and warned that it has certain hazards. The price of Bitcoin has decreased by nearly 30% from its most recent high in early November, despite an increase in inflation to 7.9%.

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